Visiting the seaside cities

Day 1

Arrival in Kaliningrad. Sightseeing tour in the city. Virtual trip. Organ concert in the Cathedral.

Day 2

Transfer to Gdaсsk. Sightseeing tour in Tricity. Dinner in a fish restaurant in Sopot.

Day 3

Transfer to Ustka. Leisure day on the seaside.

Day 4

Transfer to the island of Usedom. Spa treatment. Dinner in a fish restaurant.

Day 5

Transfer to Stralsund. Sightseeing tour in the city. Transfer to Rügen.

Day 6

Leisure day. Optional cruise to Cape Arkona.

Day 7

Leisure day. Optional cruise to Cape Arkona.

Day 8

Transfer to Schwerin. Visiting the Schwerin Castle. Transfer to Travemünde.

Day 9

Leisure day on the seaside.

Day 10

Transfer to Hamburg. Sightseeing tour in the city. Visiting Elbphilharmonie (subject to concert schedule) or nightlife activities on Reeperbahn.

Day 11

Shopping. Departure.

Visiting the seaside cities (11 days/10 nights)

Your trip starts in the Russia’s western-most region –in remarkable Kaliningrad. The amazing blending of two cultures make it a unique place. On the one side, Kaliningrad is a modern Russian city with well-developed tourist infrastructure, and on the other hand, it is a former capital of East Prussia that holds abundant mysteries. During the sightseeing tour you will take a virtual trip to Konigsberg before the World War II, and of course you visit the Konigsberg Cathedral for an organ concert.

On the next day, you will head for Gdansk. While in Gdansk, you should visit the Old Town that had been completely ruined during the World War II. Later it had been thoroughly reconstructed to its Hanseatic League glory. The day will end in a fish restaurant in Sopot.

On the third day, early in the morning, you will move to Ustka. Ustka, a former fishing village, is the youngest resort of the country. It has abundant reserves of mineral water and therapeutic muds, which makes it a perfect place not only for holiday, but also for rehabilitation.

Then the program will take you to Usedom. The German part of Usedom hosts three imperial spas – Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. The spas were used for serving noble and rich people, and therefore the buildings are distinguished for their special luxury style. The lines of Renaissance-style grandiose villas stretch for kilometers along the white-sand beach.

On the next day, you will move to Stralsund, small Hanseatic town on the Baltic coast of northern Germany. Due to its location, it is called “gate to the Island of Rügen”. Stralsund is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Every year it hosts the Wallenstein Days when Stralsund turns into the medieval town. Its residents wear medieval outfits and hold spectacles as well as the colorful festival with traders, craftsmen,parties, pageants, jugglers and singing. When in Stralsund you should also taste the local Bismarck herring, the original recipe of which had been passed from one generation of Henry Rasmus to another. You can find it in Henry Rasmus restaurant in the Old Town.

Then you will head for the island of Rügen. For sightseeing of the island you better take train of Rasender Roland – a steam-powered narrow gauge railway. The resort of Binz offers plenty of luxury resorts, hotels and apartments. The elegant and impressive wooden stair takes to you the famous 400-meters long Sellin Pier. The archipelago, that Rugen belongs to, consists of about 30 large peninsulas. Cape Arkona with two lighthouses is the northern tip of the island of Rügen.

The eighth day will be devoted to visiting the Schwerin Castle, a spectacular building, built on an island in the 19th century, and an eclectic mix of Gothic, Byzantinesque, Baroque and Renaissance styles. Then the transfer to Travemünde, nice little resort on the Baltic coast of northern Germany.

The program will end in Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is the second largest and most populated city in Germany (second to Berlin). It features one of the Europe’s largest bays, after wandering along its abundant canals you will realize why it is called the Venice of the North. Don’t miss a trip to the local fish market (Fischmarkt), the Merchants Districtm fine dining experience along the river or a night out on Reeperbahn.


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