Germany has everything to everyone's taste – rich cuisine and excellent service, bets cars and fantastic highways, ski resorts and picturesque lakes, museums and cities with incredible history, old castles, and best hotels and sea resorts.


City, city-state, state, the major port city.

It is all about elegant Hamburg!

Magnificent Hamburg with its Nordic character is the undoubted centre of the Northern Germany.


Who doesn't know the world-wide popular fairy tale of the Bremen town musicians?

It is time to visit Donkey, Dog, Cat, and Rooster in the city of music.

It is associated with music for a reason – it houses plenty of various festivals and concerts.


It's surprising to find out that Lübeck was restored to its original medieval glory. This capital and Queen City of the Hanseatic League has preserved its magnificence and charm after so many centuries.

Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is the only state in Germany has both sea and mountains.

On the north it is bounded by the North Sea with its impressive tides and mud flats (or watts in German) that are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the south it is surrounded by the Germany's northernmost mountain range called Harz with beautiful walking and hiking trails in summer and breathtaking ski slopes in winter.

Lower Saxony offers the unique experience of visiting wonderful towns and listed buildings that had been restored virtually from zero by local restorer after the ravages of the World War II.

Dozens of sites here were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Few Russian travellers are familiar with the resort lifestyle of these northern coastal regions.

Here you will find particularly clean air, magnificent beaches, tepid sea, genial sunshine, rocks, dunes and pine trees. It is this state that houses the Germany's most respectable upmarket resorts like Sylt by the North Sea, Timmendorfer Strand with Nindorf.

Island of Sylt is one of the largest islands in the North Sea. Everything here is luxurious and exceptional – numerous hotels, each one better than the other one, spectacular and picture-like dunes, forty kilometres of sandy beaches, foamy waves, long tides, narrow isthmus connecting the island and mainland that can be reached only by railway. This is a huge natural reserve with tiny villages and excellent vacation infrastructure.


German hotels

The best of what the hospitality industry has - you will find it all in German hotels.


German restaurants

Michelin stars, fireworks of tastes, ideal combination of German accuracy, historic interiors, perfect comfort and irreproachable quality of dishes.


German routes

Any of the offered routes will help not only get to know amazing German places in a short space of time, but also love them.





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Mecklenburg- West Pomerania

The Baltic coast of this Germany’s seaside state stretches for almost 2,000 kilometres. In addition to the coastline, it features over 2,000 scenic lakes that make it a true “land of lakes”.

Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, is set among those small and large picturesque lakes.

This state boasts also boasts rich culture.

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