In the footsteps of Teutonic Knights

Day 1

Arrival in Gdansk. Sightseeing tour in the city.

Day 2

Visiting Malbork and its castle. Sightseeing tour in Frombork. Transfer to Kaliningrad.

Day 3

Visiting the Balga castle.

Day 4

Sightseeing tour in Kaliningrad.

Day 5

Transfer to Vilnius through Kaunas. Visiting the Kaunas Castle.

Day 6

Sightseeing tour in the Old Town of Vilnius. Visiting Trakai and Trakai Castle.

Day 7

Trip to Rumšiškės and visiting the Ethnographic Museum. Departure.

In the footsteps of Teutonic Knights (7 days/6 nights)

Our knowledge of the knights’ history is traditionally associated with the most important elements of medieval architecture, in particular with a castle. Some of those voiceless witnesses of former Teutonic rule are still preserved in the territory of the former order in Prussia. In 13-14th centuries the crusaders had built a network of castles (about 120 castles!) in the Prussian land occupied by them. We invite you to take a fabulous trip in the footsteps of Teutonic Knights and to visit the major preserved castles.

You will start you Teutonic trip with Gdansk in Poland. During the sightseeing tour, you will see the High Gate decorated with emblems of Poland, Royal Prussia and Gdańsk. Passing by Renaissance Torture House and Gothic Prison Tower through the Renaissance Golden Gate to Długa Street with late Gothic and Renaissance houses. You will also visit the famous Artus Hall Court and Neptune. Leave Długi Targ. Traditional Polish dinner with beer and folk music in the evening.

On the next day you will take a trip to Malbork and a tour in the castle of the Grand Magisters. This castle is a masterpiece of fortification and residential medieval architecture. Lunch in the Castle restaurant and transfer to Frombork. Frombork is a small town and home to the museum of Nicolaus Copernicus and Frombork Cathedral of 14th century – one of the most beautiful sacral buildings in the northern-eastern Europe.

One more Teutonic castle, built in 1239, is located on the coast of the Kaliningrad in the Kaliningrad Region. Balga was the House of the Convent, and one of the most impressive castles of the Order. Today the castle complex consists of tower and church ruins.

The next day will be spent in Kaliningrad (former Konigsberg). It was one of the cities of the Baltic coast founded by the Teutonic Knights as the moved to the East in 13th century. From Kaliningrad you will travel to Vilnius through Kaunas. While in Kaunas, you will visit the Old Town and ruins of the Kaunas Castle of 13th century. This castle witnesses the battles between Livonia and the Teutonic Order. Lunch in one of the medieval restaurants of the city.

When in Vilnius, you will take a tour to the Old Town, and after lunch you will take a trip to Trakai – the “town of lakes” and historical capital of Lithuania. It is a home to the only castle in the Eastern Europe built on the island. In times gone by, the island castle was a major part of the Trakai fortification system. On the last day you will be invited to one of the most lovely towns in Lithuania, to Rumšiškės and to
its open-air ethnographic museum.


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