Provinces of East Prussia

Kaliningrad Region can offer a lot of routes for history, architecture and nature lovers, and small regional cities offer to feel their wonderful spirits…

Provinces of East Prussia (1 day)

t is astonishing that there are absolutely unique “small towns” in such a small region as the Kaliningrad one. Our Region can offer many routes for the fans of history, architecture and nature. Small towns can inspire with their amazing mood. So, an inquisitive traveler, go ahead!

Pravdinsk (Friedland) –

was founded in 1312 by the Teutonic Order Grand Master.

The town often used to became a place of important historical events. The famous battle between the Russian Army and the Napoleonic troops in 1807 took place exactly there. As a result of the battle the Russian Army having the whole artillery lost, and 25 000 people killed, wounded and captured, retreated to the other bank of the river Neman.

Zheleznodorozhny (Gerdauen)

was also built around the Order castle founded by the Teutonic knight.

The German architecture is well preserved in this town. Some of the houses erected in the XIV c. still exist. Walking on the cobbled streets you will have a “journey back in time” and find yourself in a small Prussian town of the XIX c.

Dobrovolsk (German Pillkallen)-

probably the most interesting small town of East Prussia.

There is an incredibly rich arboretum park in Dobrovolsk and a unique, having no analogues monument to the citizens of Pilkallen perished during the years of the Franco-Prussian War (1870- 1871). You can also visit the only in its way Chechulinsky’s museum, named after an unusual collector, just an excavator operator, who has been collecting “everything German” since 1952!


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