Along rivers, canals and seas in Germany

All way from List auf Sylt and Hörnum to visit seals

Tourist boats set off to the resting grounds of fur seals and grey seals at the Wadden Sea from the ports of the Sylt island, Lyst, and Hörnum several days a week, for exciting seal spotting tours. During the tours, small trawls are drawn through the water to show tourists the diversity of marine fauna in the North Sea. You will see flounders, shortspined sea scorpions, starfish, soldier crabs, snails, and mussels, After a short time you will arrive at the sandbank to the west of the island of Amrum to watch, under the supervision of experienced ranges, the seal colonies resting and sunbathing on the sandy beach.

Along rivers, canals and seas in Germany

To the North Sea for crabs and oysters!

We invite you to take an exciting gourmet tour from the ports of the island of Sylt. You can set off on board of a real crab boat and participate in the crabbing. The fresh crabs will be cooked and served to you along with a glass of champagne. Or your can go for an oysters tour. You will learn how the legendary Sylter Royal oysters are produced and will taste the ones from a new catch.

The Kiel Canal cruise

The Kiel, or Nord-Ostsee, Canal is the most trafficked waterway in the world. It is used by about 250 vessels per day, and its annual capacity is up to 85,000 vessels per year! The construction of the Kiel Canal started in 1887 and was finished eight years later. The Canal’s opening ceremony was attended by Kaiser Wilhelm II and filmed. The silent short film about the opening was shown for the first time in the United Kingdom on 1 July 1895. Today, the Kiel Canal is still used by large-tonnage barges, but it is also open for tourist boat tours. We offer several types of cruising tours: from Kiel to Rendsburg, from Rendsburg to Brunsbüttel, and from Rendsburg to Lexfähre.

From Rügen island to Cape Arkona and chalk cliffs.

From the island you will head to the Cape Arkona, probably the most Slavic destination in the region. This caped used to house a cult site for the Slavic tribe of Rani dedicated to the god Svantovit for over one thousand years. The sanctuary has been destroyed by the Danish king, Waldermar I, Today, the main places of attraction at the Cape Arkona are two lighthouses built in 19th century (with one of them being the oldest lighthouse in the Baltic region), two bunkers, and ruins of the Slavic fortification. The artefacts found during the fortification digging are exhibited in one of the bunkers. The small fishing village of Vitt is located close to the Cape Arkona.

From royal resorts in Usedom to neighbouring Poland!

Świnoujście, the Poland’s resort city, is situated close to the lovely resorts of Usedom. You can either take a comfortable boat to go to Świnoujście or to the Polish island of Wolin. Wolin used to be a home to an ancient town that represented the history of brave ethnic groups. Vikings and Slavs, pirates and treasure seekers, a medieval port and lost city – the history of Wolin has plenty of events that could be used to produce historical series.

Boat tours along Eider

Eider, the longest river (188 kilometres) in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, winds across the countryside between the Kiel Canal and the North Sea. During the tour you will be able to go down and visit small towns and villages and enjoy walks in the picturesque places. Open buffet with snacks and drinks is offered on board.


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