The magic of northern Germany

Day 1

Arrival to Hamburg. City tour. Boat tour.

Day 2

Visit to Hagenbeck Zoo. Shopping in Neuer Wall and Alsterhaus. Night tour in Reeperbahn.

Day 3

Transfer to Lüneburg. City tour. Night in Lüneburg.

Day 4

Visit to Scharnebeck twin ship lift. Lüneburg Heath tour. Transfer to Bremen

Day 5

City tour in Old Town of Bremen Transfer to Osnabrück.

Day 6

Osnabrück city tour. Night in Osnabrück.

Day 7

Visit to TERRA.vita National Park. Transfer to Hanover.

Day 8

City tour in Hanover. Visit to Herrenhausen Gardens. Tour in Aviation Museum. Night in Hanover.

Day 9

Visit to Walsrode bird park. Transfer to Hamburg.

Day 10


The magic of northern Germany (10 days/9 nights)

The tour starts in Hamburg. This northern city, a genuine oasis of greenery, is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Every day here brings something new and surprises Hamburg visitors with its diversity over and over again. The next day you will continue exploring the city. You will visit Hagenbeck Zoo that is considered to be one of the best and largest zoos in Europe.

And in the afternoon you will head for Reeperbahn. Hamburg’s “Mile of Sin” is no longer just a meeting place for sex addicts. More and more people see Kiez and adjacent Schanzenviertel district as a popular place of vibrant theatre life. In St. Pauli offers everything possible: commerce and sex, shawarma and Asian food stalls, yuppie bars and punk dance clubs, Turkish immigrants, partygoers and hipsters, Football Club St Pauli.

On the third day you will travel to Lüneburg. In the Middle Ages it was one of the richest towns in the north of Germany. Its wealth was built on salt! The salt mining was started as early as in 956. Salt mines has been here for over 1,000 year, and one of them now hosts the German Salt Museum.

The next day will begin at the observation point in the Scharnebeck twin ship lift. It has the largest ship lift in the world that lifts ships up to a height of 38 meters. Then you will head to Lüneburg Heath, the natural park in northern Germany and perfect place for cycling and riding.

The next stop will be in Bremen, the city that had become popular because of the fairy tale about town musicians of Bremen. The city in fact looks like an illustration for fairy tales. In the afternoon you will move to Osnabrück where Erich Maria Remarque was born.

The next day you will visit TERRA.vita Nature Park. The park’s unique landscape represents different natural zones from steep mountain ranges to tropical forests. It also features the Jurassic Park. Transfer to Hanover.

In Hanover you will take a city tour first and then visit the famous Herrenhausen Gardens. The Gardens extend over the whole district with the same name in the city. They represent the unique heritage of the independent Hanover kingdom. The Great Garden, the largest one, is the most distinguished baroque botanical garden.

The next stop will be in the Aviation Museum, the entertainment and exhibition centre in Hanover airport. It has more than 4,500 objects on display, including airplanes and state-of-the-art aviation technologies. It offers the visitors an opportunity to take a tour in the airport and watch the routine of the airport personnel.

The last day of the journey will be spent in the Walsrode bird park, the largest bird park in the world.


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