Secrets of palaces in St. Petersburg
Secrets of palaces in St. Petersburg

The most cultural city in Russia, the 4th biggest city in Europe with the population of 6 million people City with largest number of palaces and the deepest metro in the world .The cradle of Russian Literature, Art and Education.The cities’ many restaurants, bars, lounges and night spots offers a wide variety of entertainment with wine and dined opportunities, theme bars jazz lounges and maybe even some of the best European restaurants? The night life starts after midnight and keeps going until early morning

Secrets of palaces in St. Petersburg (6 days/5 nights)

Day 1

After arriving in St. Petersburg,we invite you for lunch at the famous Palkin restaurant, to immediately feel the spirit of Russian culture, including its gastronomy. You will start exploring the city on a sightseeing tour, which will set the right mood for the whole trip. And after a quick introduction to the city you will see the first palace – the Yusupov Palace – a museum, where a huge number of small and large halls have renovated with luxury and architectural harmony which amaze the most fastidious tourists. The mansion is also rich in mysterious stories. It was there that Grigory Rasputin was killed.

Day 2

This day will be dedicated to the main palace of the Russian Empire – the Winter Palace – a monument of the Russian Baroque architecture. It was built in 1754 – 1762 by architect B. F. Rastrelli.

We invite you for a unique tour of the whole complex of the Winter Palace museums open for tourists including halls of the Hermitage, the Golden and Diamond rooms of the Treasure gallery; as well as an exclusive excursion to the Hermitage Theatre, including a tour around the theatre, an introduction to its history, a backstage tour to see pieces of scenery and meet with actors. We will have to leave the Winter Palace for a short while to have lunch in a Bohemian restaurant The Repa, to be back afterwards for a Russian ballet performance in the Hermitage Theater.

Day 3

In the immediate vicinity of St. Petersburg there are two towns, without which the Russian history and the Peter’s epoch would be inconceivable, Peterhof and Lomonosov (Oranienbaum). During the tour of Peterhof you will learn all the most interesting about the sea residence of Emperor Peter I and his descendants, you will see the luxurious series of palaces and gardens, masterpieces of architectural and landscape art and all this being framed by the enchanting falling water. We will continue our tour in Lomonosov, a picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg, formerly known as Oranienbaum. Now only the palaces and gardens have this name. Visitors come to the images of the past centuries at every step here. In Lomonosov there are several magnificent palaces of the 18th century.

Day 4

Today we will also spend some time in the fascinating suburbs of St. Petersburg. Our tour begins with a town of Pushkin, where there is another masterpiece of great Rastrelli, the Catherine Palace, with the famous Amber Room.

We will walk along the Catherine Park and Alexander Park, at your request we will visit the Lyceum known to all Pushkin admirers. In the second part of the tour we will go to Pavlovsk which is located just 15 minutes from Pushkin. We are going to see the Pavlovsk Palace and Park. A surprisingly harmonious and romantic place with a mysteriously magic park which is like an antipode of the pretentiously luxurious Catherine Palace.

Day 5

Today we invite you to Strelna, an ancient suburb of the capital of the North, which was first mentioned in a historical document as far back as 1500. Initially, in Strelna, Peter the Great planned to create not just his country residence but a series of palaces and parks similar to the French Versailles. However, Peterhof was destined to become Versailles, and Strelna remained a travelling residence
of the emperor. The Imperial family owned the land until 1917. The place became the private property of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich of Russia at the end of the 18th century. The construction of the main architectural landmark, the Konstantin Palace started in 1720. The palace suffered damage in a fire in 1803 and after that it was rebuilt and restored many times. The Second World War caused destruction to the settlement by German fascist troops. The Orlov Palace and most of the buildings of the palace park were completely destroyed. Strelna got a new lease of life when the Department of Presidential Affairs took up the palace and park. The Konstantinov Palace was restored in 2003 and received the modern name of the National Congresses Palace. The tour of modern Strelna provides an opportunity to admire the restored parks and buildings, renovated magnificent palace and beautiful fountains.

Day 6

On the last day, before the departure, we will visit another curious palace in St. Petersburg, the palace of Alexander Danilovich Menshikov, a legendary and gifted man who became the city’s first governor. The Menshikov Palace located on Vasilievsky Island was built by Peter the Great especially for his confidant. The building was the very first stone building in St. Petersburg. The palace was designed by the invited architects, G.M. Fontana and J.G. Schädel. In the Soviet times, there was the Military Political School in the palace. From the once luxurious estate, only the palace itself, which is a branch of the famous St. Petersburg Hermitage, has survived by today.Airport transfer. Departure.


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